Jean Marie Reynaud

Jean Marie Reynaud

De Franse luidsprekerfabrikant Jean Marie Reynaud, opgericht in 1967, werd altijd gedreven door de passie voor hoogwaardige muzikale reproductie. Door hun goed uitgeruste ontwikkelings- en productiefaciliteit van 2000m2 is JM Reynaud in staat om geavanceerde producten te ontwikkelen en produceren tegen realistische prijzen. Met name de laagweergave is fenomenaal door toepassing van transmissielijn.


Voor meer technische info:


“LUCIA,” which means ‘the light’ in Italian, is a compact 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker system with harmonious proportions.
Designed with the same rigor as the most advanced models in our range, it concentrates all the know-how of the JMR brand.
To remain faithful to our tradition, we wanted to develop a small and extremely musical loudspeaker that is also notably affordable and that offers realistic tonality and a very good spectral balance.
We have optimized its performance so that it can be used placed on a shelf or even on a desk.



For the development of FOLIA JUBILEE, we established very precise requirements:
It had to be able to be associated with moderate powered electronics. It could not impose positioning constraints in a room. And above all, it had to meet the long established JMR criteria of musicality and sensitivity. And all within in a very reasonable budget. Very lively and playful, the Folia knows how to handle the colors and tones of musical instruments and human voices with surprising ease for a speaker of its size. The mid-range is rich and luminous, at the same time precise and very physical.



The Jean Marie Reynaud BLISS  Jubilee takes up the concept inaugurated by the BLISS Silver which was first in its time to benefit from a strict and rigorous pairing of all its components. This technique aims to obtain a perfect similarity of electrical and mechanical performance of the pair of speakers for a perfectly harmonious musical result.


JMR Lunna

LUNNA is the name given by the Dagomba people of West Africa to a small percussion instrument also known as the Tama or “talking drum”. This small instrument that is carried under the arm is both percussive and melodic, it was the medium of communication between tribes and was used by the griots to carry the word of kings.



Since the release of the new “Jubilee” range, we have been looking forward to presenting the new version of our EUTERPE model, the EUTERPEJUBILE.

Its development has been finalized for several months now, but we had so many new speakers coming out that we preferred to wait for the right moment to present it to yo.



Since 1967, the Jean Marie Reynaud brand has continuously invented and innovated in order to provide loudspeaker systems that are more and more efficient and that offer a presentation that takes us closer to the real musical event. The CANTABILE Jubilee celebrates the 50 years event and represents a milestone in the long love story between JMR and the sound of music. This new edition of our popular speaker represents more than just an optimization of the current CANTABILE, it represents a complete overhaul of all acoustic and electronic parameters of this iconic model.



The ABSCISSA Jubilee is a complete re-invention of the ABSCISSA.
Like its predecessor, this new Abscissa synthesizes our research to get closer and closer to the original musical message but moves significantly beyond its predecessor.
ABSCISSE is a mathematical term evoking the axis given to our research in the past and directed towards the future. It has been developed with the primary objective of creating a near full range system that is as compact as possible. It can be installed with a minimum of positioning constraint. It concentrates all the know-how and experience of 50 years in the service of music and beautiful sound



Since the beginning of its creation, almost 15 years ago now, the ORFEO has been an extremely fruitful research laboratory for technical solutions for JMR. As we seek to push the limits of what a system of its size can do, the ORFEO has allowed us to reach an impressive degree of sound maturity and harmonic richness. From one generation to the next, it has never ceased to surprise and delight us with its increasing dynamic capabilities and its sound image, ever fuller and even more precise and articulate.



In 2015, for the first time, JMR presented its fabulous ADARA project, a system that concentrated all our technological achievements in an avant-garde but very elitist concept.  The VOCEGRANDE uses a very large number of the advances we achieved in the Adara and makes them accessible to a larger audience.



JMR revisits the EMP Nano and upgrades it to a “Jubilee” version like all the other models of the brand. If the external dimensions are almost the same, everything has changed in this new version: HP, filter, case and it inherits the same finish with an aluminum sheet as the Voce Grande, the EMP Grande and the Orfeo Grande. When listening, we find all the qualities of Jean-Marie Reynaud’s different EMP models. In particular the extremely wide and airy soundstage, where the speakers completely disappear with the impression the whole wall is playing.



JMR redefines the shape of the loudspeaker and goes off the beaten track.The loudspeakers benefit from a complex 3-cavity charge and side vents. The tweeter is identical to the Voce and Orpheo.The new 16cm woofer uses a technical membrane with rear damping, ceramic coating, M-shaped suspension allowing nice descent in the bass as well as a remarkable power handling. Space saving is obvious and allows to increase the diffusion in the room without compromising on the listening. The EMP Grande are to be placed against a wall.



Over almost 20 years, the ORFÉO model has progressed significantly and each new release has always brought significant improvements. Today, the performance degree reached by ORFÉOGRANDE raises it to be among the very best loudspeakers in the world. This is a significant milestone in our perpetual quest to achieve true musicality, the deepest meaning of music that is emotion.


Jean Marie Reynaud

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