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Supra DUAL Interlink RCA 1,0m



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Supra Dual – Value for the money Cable / 5 stars Whathifi

Supra Dual is a dual in-line cable for primarily single-end interconnections. It displays in spite of its pricing the typical Supra trade marks of efficient aluminum foil shielding and low capacitance allowing good noise rejection and fast transient response. It will typically fit as an analogue interconnect in an entry level hifi system and thus raising the audible performance noticeably.

Supra Dual – Most cost effective, yet rewarded analogue interconnect featuring Supra’s signature design principles
An entry level two channel (stereo) interconnect cable for balanced or single-end applications, still providing the Supra signature properties of lower capacitance, efficient shielding, timing and transient response. In spite of its highly favourable price tag, it has earned rewards for the good musical properties and is the given choice for replacing the attached interconnects following entry level hi-fi equipment. It will result in a significant sound improvement clearly audible by anyone.


Mechanical data

Number of leads, totally (specified)

6 (+, – and drain x 2 channels)

Lead area  0.24

Number of strands per lead  19

Strand dimension  Ø 0.127

Lead material  Tin plated, oxygen-free, 5N copper

 Di-electric (insulation)  PE

 Shield  2 (Individual aluminized PET foil per each channel )

Jacket  Age and heat resistant PVC

Outer dimension 2 x Ø 5.5


Electrical properties

Resistance  72 Ω / km

Capacitance  52  pF / m

Characteristic impedance  n/a Ω

Velocity factor  0.66 x C (speed of light)



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