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Supra LoRaD 2.5 CS-EU 2,0m powercord



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SupraLoRad 2.5 CS-EU (10A)

Shielded cord set comprising Supra LoRad 3 x 2.5 mm2 cable, Supra SWF10 female connector (IEC-320) and Supra SW-EU straight male plug. Current rating is 10 ampere continuously. The EU-version with Schuko plug, is the most common standard throughout Europe. Exceptions are Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and Britain. Fits our LoRad mains power distribution blocks rated 10 ampere.

Supra LoRad Cord Sets – Safe No-Noise Mains Power Flex with Supra Lavish 24K Gold Plated Connectors

LoRad means LoRadiation and the design of these mains flex cables minimises both electric and magnetic alternating fields. Allow your hi-fi gear the most welcome benefit of all, the possibility to be silent when supposed to. Only then, the tiniest details and notes will become clearly audible and the background of time delayed reflections, real or artificial, that represent the acoustic invironment in the recording will display the entire sound stage to the conscious hi-fi enthusiast. Or, when translated to the world of home cinema, only the movie shows, not the artefacts, nor the noise deriving from the huge variety of electrical device interferences present in most modern households.

LoRad protects both from alternating fields radiating from the cable as well as from pick-up of surrounding airborne noise fields, e.g. wireless and mobile phones, wifi, radio and TV broadcasts, etc. LoRad MkII is a development of the LoRad concept, now with improved shielding, flexibility, bend-/fatigue-resistance and strength.


Technical Info
Cord set technical data

Application Grounded and shielded mains power cord set for devices offering detachable cord
Standard European except Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy
Connectors SW-EU ► SWF-10, 24K gold plated with straight Schuko plug
Maximum voltage 250 Volt
Maximal continuous current 10 Ampere


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