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Supra LORAD 2.5 SPC CS-EU 2,0 M



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Supra LoRad SPC – Silver Plated Mains Flex with natures most effective conductor
Supra LoRad SPC (LoRadiation, Silver Plated Copper) is a mains power cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. Unleash the electrical power by natures best conductor, Silver. All Supra’s design features remains the same with class-leading shielding and immunity from harmful and sonically malignant fields such as RFI, magnetic and electrical alternating fields as well as low adjacent area alternating field impact.

Technical Info
Cord set technical data

Application Grounded and shielded mains power cord set for devices offering detachable cord
Lead dimensions 3 x 2.5 mm2
Standard European except Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy
Connectors SW-EU ► SWF-10s, 24K gold plated with straight Schuko wall jack
Maximum voltage 250 Volt
Maximal continuous current 10 Ampere


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