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Supra PLY3.4S Luidsprekerkabel 10m



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Supra Ply 2 x 3.4 mm2
Supra Ply is a long life multi-award winner and one-of-a-kind quality cable from Supra Cables.

Supra Ply Concept – ’A Logical and scientific design’, not to mention ’it’s hip to be square’
The square shaped design as a result of mangled braid cores, laid out closely to each other, reveals the potential of dynamics and transients of your Hi-Fi system. Further, it reduces interference and interaction distortion.

When mangling the braid to thin conductor layers, extruding a thin layer of insulation and then putting them together with the flat sides facing eachother, the capacitance will increase significantly. An in-depth analysis require some mathematics exercise, so we leave the physical theory here and simply state that two conductors with different polarity laid out with a large mangled side area facing each other, will feel their individual charge, thus acting as a capacitor. If we just stopped there, we would not gain anything, but the real finesse it that the capacitance will raise at the expense of inductance! And, the capacitance is sonically less significant in the speaker circuitry. Further Supra Ply offers the tin plated strands that reduce the disruptive electron jumps between lead strands resulting in a signal time shift, a very unwanted distortion when the original holographic 3D sound stage is desired.


Mechanical Specifications


Crossection area 3.4 / 12

Number of conductors 2

Number of strands per conductor 192

Strand diameter 0.15

Conductor material Tin plated oxygen free 5N Copper  

Insulation and jacket Heat and age resistant PVC  

External size 7.2 x 7.2

Weight   97g/m


Electrical performance

Resistance 5.1 Ohm/km

Inductance 0.20 µH/m


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